by Scott Lawrence
...on the other side of the screen
stage 3 :   "finale"  

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September 30, 2005: It's the end.

I've been meaning to put up this comic for a while... I just needed to assemble it.


May 23, 2005: Hmm...

Okay, so the things that I said were going to happen in September never came to be. Oh well.


August 6, 2004: Nort is going away

I've made a decision. Soon, the webcomic "Nort" will no longer be updated. (Intentionally, this time.)

I've decided to keep Nort here, but only for archival purposes.

What will become of I'll tell you.

It will be an online magazine focusing on programming and hacking arcade games. There will be articles, howtos, and such about retrieving, setting up, programming and hacking arcade games. There will be some focus on homebrew programming for other platforms as well (Gameboy, etc) since they have similar architectures...

Exciting things start in late September...

-Scott "Jerry" Lawrence

December 16, 2003: Yet again...

Can I revive this thing again? Let's hope so.


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