by Scott Lawrence
On the other side of the screen...
Jerry - Human
Jerry is your host and humble narrator for the world inside the computer. He isn't around much, but he is stuck inside with all of his low res friends...
Yorgle - Duck-like Dragon
Yorgle is Jerry's pet dragon. Many moons ago, Yorgle ate one of Jerry's chalices, and ran away. When Jerry reclaimed it, he enslaved Yorgle as his familiar. Yorgle likes to eat things.
Dan - creature inflator, handy with a shovel.
Dan likes to dig. Dan has an air pump. Dan likes to inflate things. Dan likes to watch them pop. Dan likes his job.
Frank - Green Dragon
Frank enjoys igniting things with his fire breath.
Phil - Red, um... Tomato? perhaps?
Phil loves to wear his welding googles and bounce around.
Crazy Chrarlie
Charlie has been through a lot. He spent the beginning of his life unfocused until he decided to kidnap a Princess. This plan was thwarted by a Plumber, of all people. He was then tormented by an exterminator by Stanley. Charlie likes to eat bananas and throw barrels.
Skiff the Skeleton Dude
Skiff is a pile of bones that hold themselves together somehow. Skiff misses his flesh, and sometimes craves brains.
Iggy is a robot space ship. He goes after and takes out everyone who gets in his way. For those that don't get in his way, he moves so that they end up being in his way. Whats more, he has a transmogrifying ship that turns into whatever enemy ship it is near.
Marco - Space Marine
Marco was in his space vehicle, the Vaus, when it suddenly was trapped in space, warped by someone. He used to be enemies with the Goons, but he has learned that they are actually quite intelligent and nice creatures. Marco likes to shoot anything that moves.
Harry - Weapons Specialist
Not much is known about Harry other than the fact that he knows almost everything about every weapon.
Dr. Alistair Cornworthy - Goon, Scholar.
Alistair graduated from Oxford in 1997 with a PhD in Material Sciences and a bachelors degree in Philosophy. He is a very devout creature-rights activist, and is strongly opposed to people who make unbased judgments on people. Alistair also likes to eat humans.
Guythreep Brushwood
Guythreep is a pirate in training who lives on Lemur Peninsula. He's a fun-loving guy who likes good jokes.
The ultimate explorer/adventurer/archaeologist.
Sohma Dawling - Cynic.
Not much is known about Sohma. She's kinda cynical, but she's really a sweetheart.
The Explorer
Very little is known about the explorer.