LlamaVDP-1000 LlamaVDP by Scott Lawrence - @yorgle
See BASIC code below for game credits
"Rollercoaster"(1977) is used without permission but probably considered fair use under 17 U.S.C. ยง 107,
"for nonprofit educational purposes", etc.

Regardless, please buy the LD/VHS/Betamax/DVD/Blu-Ray!
Press [RUN] below to start.


  1. Click on the ▶ Run button to the left
  2. In the green CRT window above, play the game!
  3. If the game crashes or breaks, just hit the RUN button again.
  • This works great on Chrome. Doesn't on Safari yet. Sorry.
  • Firefox is broken on my computer so that's untested.
  • Video was captured from the 1978 DiscoVision (LaserDisc) release of "Rollercoaster".
  • Video was captured using a Pioneer CLD-V2400 player connected to a Canon Optura XI DV camcorder to DV tape, and then imported as .DV stream files.
  • Video clips were split apart using Quicktime Player 7, and then converted using Handbrake to .mp4 files.
  • Stillframes were saved using MPEG Stream Clip to PNG files, then compressed to 80% jpeg using ImageMagick.