Clenched Fist Labs     by Chris Pallace
If you touch her, you're a dead man.
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the story so far...
A couple of artists begin working for CFL a loose collection of mad scientists loosely determined to rule the world. But really they just want to be left alone to mad sciency stuff.
December 29, 2005: Howdy Folks

For any of those who are new to CFL... welcome. This is a web comic I started just to keep my skills from gettng rusty. All of the major characters are based on friends of mine. Look around, have fun. The Vault will help you navigate to the different storylines. There's more the one hundred strips which start black and white, but eventually move into color. Enjoy.

-Chris Pallace

September 11, 2005: Welcome back

Sorry for the delay, but I'm busy with Skallywaggs and Faire and many, many other things. It's here now. Dig it.

-Chris Pallace

July 5, 2005: Happy Day after the Fourth

Many of you know that CFL is something I do for fun. Why don't you have a gander at some of the stuff I do for fun AND proffit. The first is a website showing off some of my illustrations and other art work.

Chris Pallace Productions

The second is a pirate card game called Skallywaggs. If you want to make my day, buy yourself a copy. You won't be sorry.


-Chris Pallace

May 22, 2005: More Comics for Everyone

I was going to wait for Monday, but here you go. Enjoy.

-Chris Pallace